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Crystal Leisure Pools

Chemical Supplies

Chemicals are an essential for the ongoing maintenance of your pool and spa, we supply a full range including everything you need and are more than happy to help you pick out the right ones!

There are such a range of pool chemicals often doing things that sound rather similar! We are more than happy to help guide our customers through the maze advising you on just what is needed, how best to use it and how much you are likely to need.

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Pool Chemicals

Delivering chemicals nationwide across the UK we take orders throughout office hours, and do not forget we can also offer pool cleaning and maintenance services for you!

We stock and supply a complete range of pool chemicals; visit our showroom to view our range


Pool sanitisers
For the good health of anyone using your swimming pool, sanitisers kill micro organisms in pool water such as bacteria or viruses; chlorine is the best known sanitiser but bromine can also be used.

Shock chemicals
Based on chlorine or oxygen pool shock chemicals are used periodically to break up impurities in the water; they are the first thing used if you get a build up of algae for example, and should be used at least every two weeks through summer.

Pool balancers
Used to adjust the pH level of the water to ensure it is comfortable to swim in and non-corrosive to the pool itself after use of pool sanitisers, shock and other chemicals.

More Products

Pool algaecides
If you find algae build up to be a regular problem algaecides are a great long-term solution designed to prevent build up in the water or along the sides of the swimming pool itself.

Swimming pool clarifiers
Another type of chemical used to keep your water clear; pools pick up all kinds of debris like leaves you can clear out, clarifiers make microscopic pollutant particles clump together so that they can be easily removed by filtration.

Swimming pool test kits
Pool chemicals in the wrong concentration can be very uncomfortable for people and damaging to the pool itself; these easy to use tester kits allow you to check the levels of chemicals in the water quickly and accurately.

Brand name pool chemicals delivered to your door nationwide, and if the order is over £100, we will deliver them for free! Contact us today to make an order.