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Crystal Leisure Pools

Servicing & Maintenance

Still water in a swimming pool inevitably picks up leaf litter, algae and germs over time, making a regular maintenance routine and proper use of pool chemicals essential to keep it hygienic and fun to use.

Pools and tubs aren’t simply a big tub of water; they’re a piece of machinery incorporating all kinds of pumps, filters and heaters to help keep the water clean, hygienic and warm.

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Hot Tub Maintenance

Like all machinery, regular servicing ensures your pool stays in the best health and keeps that way for many, many years.

Hot tubs and spas also need ongoing maintenance and repairs such as draining, cleaning, relocation and refurbishment which we’re happy to offer on a completely nationwide basis; we want our installations to stand the test of time and we can even help you keep things we haven’t installed in the best shape possible.

Our complete range of swimming pool maintenance services includes;

  • Testing of pumps, heaters, covers and filters
  • Cleaning of walls, ducts, filters and skimmers
  • Backwashing and de-scaling
  • Pool water analysis
  • Balancing of pool chemicals
  • General repairs and servicing
  • Supply of pool chemicals and testing kits
  • Swimming pool refurbishments and renovations

As with our installations the service is flexible and adapts to your requirements; we can come round once a week to take care of every little requirement, or make it a more occasional visit for a good clean if you are confident with the chemicals yourself. We are also happy to maintain pools we have not installed, our service is all about providing any customer with exactly what they need.

Pool Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance Equipment

Cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool is a routine requirement, therefore insuring clean and sparkling water;

We have an extensive range of swimming pool maintenance equipment from vacuum heads, pool brushes, swimming pool poles, nets, vacuum hoses and automatic pool cleaners all designed to be universal across most existing equipment.

Whatever your swimming pool maintenance, servicing or refurbishment needs speak to the experts at Crystal Leisure Pools; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation quotation from one of our friendly team.